Taian Yuzhuo China Slant Bed CNC Lathe Double Spindle Turning And Milling Center

Why choose CNC slant bed lathe double-spindle turning and milling center.

The double-spindle turning-milling compound machine tool is the development trend of the world’s machine tools. This compound type of processing method can make the machine’s mechanic operation easier and does not require continuous storage and handling between processes, so that it can be well In order to improve the precision of the workpiece processed and shorten the processing time, the following today’s standard will talk about the main advantages of the dual-spindle turning-milling compound.

Advantage 1. Interrupted cutting.
The double-spindle turn-milling compound machining method belongs to the intermittent cutting method, which allows the workpiece to have more cooling time.

Advantage 2. easy high-speed cutting.
Compared with the traditional turning-milling compound technology, this dual-spindle turning-milling compound processing technology is easier to perform high-speed cutting, so all the benefits of high-speed cutting can be reflected in several types of dual-spindle turning-milling compound processing, such as It is said that the combined cutting force of double-spindle turning and milling has decreased by 30% compared with the traditional high cutting force, and the reduced cutting force can just reduce the radial force of workpiece deformation, which is beneficial to the processing of slender precision parts and improve the processing speed of thin-walled parts, and if the cutting force is relatively small, the burden on the workpiece and the machine tool will be relatively small, so that the speed of the double-spindle turning-milling compound machine tool can be better protected.

Advantage 3. low workpiece speed.
If the rotation speed of the workpiece is relatively low, the object will not be deformed due to centrifugal force when processing thin-walled parts.

Advantage 4. small thermal deformation.
When using dual-spindle turning and milling, the entire cutting process is already adiabatic, so the chips and chips take away a lot of heat, which will cause the temperature of the workpiece to be relatively low, and thermal deformation is not easy to occur.

Advantage 5. One-time completion.
The double-spindle turning-milling compound machine tool can make all the processed tools complete all the boring, turning, drilling, and milling processes in one clamping process, so that the trouble of replacing the machine tool can be avoided, and the machine tool can be completely shortened. The cycle of workpiece production and processing can avoid problems caused by repeated clamping.

Advantage 6. Reduce bending deformation.
Using the dual-spindle turning-milling compound processing method can effectively reduce the bending deformation of parts, especially when processing some thin and long parts that cannot be supported in the middle.