TCK40 belongs to the Taian Yuzhuo slant bed turning and milling center series.
This series of turning and milling center has the advantages of high precision, fast speed, smooth chip removal, generous appearance, and strong practicability.
It is suitable for all kinds of materials, such as: turning, milling, engraving and other processing of copper, aluminum, zinc, iron, steel and other materials, it can meet the continuous or single-piece processing of the inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, cones, spherical surfaces, steps, grooves, various threads and complex curved surfaces of common shaft and disc parts.

1. The bed structure of this series of machine tools adopts CAD computer software to conform to the ergonomic design. After finite element analysis, the rib structure is optimized to obtain the optimal span configuration. The whole machine adopts resin sand material precision casting, vibration and natural aging , Annealing treatment, stress relief, so that the whole machine has high rigidity, excellent shock absorption and toughness, to ensure that the accuracy is lasting and the performance is stable for a long time.
2. The spindle head has a stable structure and good heat dissipation. The spindle adopts a labyrinth ring design to avoid water vapor and dust intrusion. The spindle bearing is equipped with the world’s top NSK/FAG P4 high-speed and high-precision angular contact ball bearings, and the maximum speed can reach 6000r pm /min, not only the processing accuracy is good, the finish is high and the stability is excellent.
3. The X and Z axis use Taiwan HIWIN or PMI C3 class precision ball screw (optional German Rexroth), and the linear guides are all Taiwan HIWIN or PMI heavy-duty precision linear guides, and the full stroke is straight degree correction to ensure high efficiency, high accuracy and stable maintenance of the machine tool.
4. The control system is based on the GSK high stability control system, which has strong functions, rapid response, and high degree of humanization. With the optimization of parameter adjustments, the machine can play the best cutting conditions (optional Japan FANUC, Mitsubishi , German Siemens, Taiwan SYNTEC LNC, etc.).
5. The gang type tool post has a large stroke, a large number of gang tools, accurate positioning, fast speed and high efficiency.
6. Standard with hydraulic collet, optional hydraulic chuck, hydraulic turret, power head optional 2-12 heads.
7. Optional automatic feeding rack (oil bath type, automatic) can be selected, so as to realize batch and continuous processing, save labor cost and improve work efficiency.
8. The whole machine tool adopts full protection, which is clean, safe and environmentally friendly.

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