1. Our company’s wheel lathe are divided into two types: horizontal wheel lathe and vertical wheel lathe.
The model is: WRC22/ WRC26/ WRC28/ WRC30/ WRC32 & WRC28VM.
Can meet 10-32inch wheel repair and processing.

2. Machine Work Steps:
(1)- Loading the wheel.
(2)- Detect the surface of the wheel, automatically generate a processing program.
(3)- Optimization program.
(4)- Diamond cutting the wheel.

3. Our company provides detailed operate instructions. Our professional after-sales service team can provide remote technical guidance to help customers carry out systematic and comprehensive learning; Customers can learn and master all operations in a short time from our company’s market experience in more than 80 countries around the world. Customers can also choose to arrive our factory for free training, or provide paid face-to-face training services to customers’ countries according to customer requirements.

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